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Creator behind the Blend!

Helloooo beautiful people......so you want to know who the creator is behind these amazing products! Ok...ok...I'll tell you a little bit about myself and our brand, lol!

First and foremost we are extremely grateful that you are visiting our site and I do hope that you have tried, or going to try our amazing products that will bring great results to your beautiful skin. We are a small Black Owned business, Afro Caribbean descent from the sweet island of Trinidad and Tobago, residing in beautiful Delaware! Our name was created by combining my first name along with my daughters first name making it a beautiful blend!

Our company Maniyah's Blend started from just making body butters at home for my family, which quickly became a hobby from being able to use natural ingredients to make products with great healing benefits for our skin.

I began my research on different butters and oils when I felt extremely helpless when everything we tried; whether it was prescription or over the counter ointments, creams, etc., was not working for my daughters eczema. I ended up trying multiple companies that carried body butters and after finding one that worked, unfortunately, the company went out of business and I no longer had access to their wonderful products. With that being said, my research got deeper and ended up with me trying various recipes of my own with many failures, until I found the one that finally worked. I was extremely proud and happy that I could help calm my daughters skin and reduce the flare ups, no more irritated skin and scratching and as a mom who's tried everything, including her diet, this was a MIRACLE!! 

So before I make this a never ending story, lol! Long story short, my beautiful daughter was the start of me creating a legacy for my family, while being able to help others and provide great moisturizing products packed with nutrients that can help with their skin in anyway. I truly love researching and learning about the variety of herbs, butters, oils along with many other ingredients and the benefits that they can provide for our body. I'm always mixing up something and testing new formulas while looking forward to what I can achieve. So trust that I'm always looking for ways to improve or create new products that have great healing properties.

I hope hearing my story has given you a little insight of my journey while allowing you to see that you can do anything, so apply your skills, believe in yourself and go get em......because you never know how much your ideas, products or doings can help others.

We truly appreciate your visit and look forward to having you as a life long customer while you Self-Love & Moisturize with Maniyah's Blend!