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Can I purchase Maniyah's Blend locally?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only accepting orders online. However, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok for future local locations we may pop up too!

Can I change my shipping address after my order is placed?

No, so please make sure you double check all your information before you submit your order. If the package is returned you will be responsible for the fee to reship your package.

Does your products contain a preservative?

Our handmade products do not contain any preservatives and hold a shelf life of 3-12 months depending on the item. Instructions on proper use of products are listed under each item for personal use on preserving the quality of the product purchased.

How are your products handled?

All of our products are handmade with care in small batches to maintain the quality of our products. We clean and sanitize all areas, equipment and packaging associated with making all products, while wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Is the Mica and the glitter you use safe?

Great question, and yes it is! All of the mica and glitter in our products are skin safe. Mica does not dye your skin and creates a shimmery finish since its naturally produced and safe for all skin types, with little to no side effects. It is not actually glitter, just resembles it.

Why did my body butter arrive melted?

Due to temps beyond our control, your body butter may melt during transit from our location to yours. However, when shipping from our location during the warmer months we do take further steps in packaging to help maintain the consistency of the products during shipping.

What should I do if my body butter melts?

No worries, as much as we would want for you to receive your butter in its nice whipped consistency, at times it does melt! All you have to do is place your butter in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes and it will return to a solid texture. Now, unfortunately it will not return to the whipped consistency and your container will not be full, but rest assured that your body butter has not lost any of its benefits and you have received the quantity listed on your product.

What are your Business Hours?

Our store is available 24/7 for orders. However, we process all orders during our business hours listed below:

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm Eastern Time

Our drop off days for packages are on Wednesdays and Fridays in order to limit contact with the public during the pandemic. 

**All orders received during business hours are processed up until Friday at 6pm, orders received after that time (weekends) are processed on Monday.**


**If you need further assistance please reach out to us via the "Contact Us" link.**